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Tax and Accounting Mistakes: Human Error Is Still the Biggest Problem

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The survey was done in the US and involved 200 in-house tax and accounting professionals there. But we think the findings of the January 2015 Bloomberg BNA study, Top Tax & Accounting Mistakes That Cost Companies (Read Full Article)

Patient Data Posted Online in Major Breach of Privacy

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A medical privacy breach led to the public posting on a commercial Web site of data for 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., including names and diagnosis codes, the hospital has (Read Full Article)

Canada Revenue Agency admits it disclosed confidential tax info to CBC, blames human error

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The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed that it  accidentally disclosed confidential taxpayer information to the CBC. The agency said the document was ”accidentally released” through human error and acknowledges this (Read Full Article)

Solvency II

Countdown to Solvency II: Managing Spreadsheet Risk

Explore Article (Jan 25 2012)

Under Solvency, spreadsheets could prove to be especially useful in providing cost-effective and relatively easy to use solutions in areas such as data collation, data transformation and the analysis supporting expert (Read Full Article)

Solvency II Survey 2012: Where are insurer's heading?

Explore Article (Aug 18 2010)

Survey results from 60 insurers operating in the UK.  Subtle changes in insurers' strategic focus and differing levels of preparation are coming to the fore.  Most insurer's expect tangible benefits from their Solvency II (Read Full Article)

PwC Guide to Solvency II

Explore Article PricewaterhouseCoopers UK (Aug 18 2010)

Solvency II is the largest ever change to European insurance solvency regulations. The European Commission has estimated total costs of implementation for the industry in Europe to be €2-3bn over 5 (Read Full Article)

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

PwC - The Use of Spreadsheets: Considerations for Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Explore Article (Dec 10 2009)

A classic and ground-breaking White Paper from PwC on the importance of spreadsheet (Read Full Article)

Auditing Standard No. 5: An Audit of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting That Is Integrated with An Audit of Financial Statements

Explore Article (Mar 02 2013)

This standard establishes requirements and provides direction that applies when an auditor is engaged to perform an audit of management's assessment 1/ of the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting ("the (Read Full Article) - Does Sarbox Reduce Restatements?

Explore Article (Dec 02 2009)

While small companies lobby to limit their compliance with the 2002 law, a new study suggests it may provide a key (Read Full Article)

Model Audit Rule

Model Audit Rule: A Public Policy Practice Note

Explore Article (Nov 30 2010)

  This practice note is intended to assist actuaries when supporting management’s assertions per MAR §16 and SOX §404, as applied to the evaluation and testing of key controls for the actuarial balances, including loss (Read Full Article)

NAIC Model Audit Rule and Implementation

Explore Article (Nov 15 2009)

This Point of View provides thoughtful steps for facilitating an effective and efficient implementation of the Model Audit Rule. (Read Full Article)

Internal Audit

Auditing User-development Applications: The Institute of Internal Auditors Global Technology Audit Guide

Explore Article The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) (Aug 18 2010)

Almost every organization uses some form of UDAs because they can be more easily developed, are less costly to produce, and can typically be changed with relative ease versus programs and reports developed by IT personnel.  (Read Full Article)


IIA Offers Fraud Guidance for Internal Auditors

Explore Article Compliance Week (Jan 08 2010)

In light of the economic crisis, internal auditors are under pressure like never before to help protect the mothership from fraud. They might find some new guidance from the Institute of Internal Auditors useful in meeting the (Read Full Article)

As Internal Audit Staffs Shrink, Will Fraud Rise?

Explore Article (Dec 14 2009)

Few corporate departments have been spared layoffs in recent months, and internal audit and compliance are no exceptions. According to a new poll by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, 27% of executives reported reductions in (Read Full Article)

Spreadsheet Errors

Spreadsheet Horror Stories from European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group

Explore Article (Jan 17 2010)

There are very many reports of spreadsheet related errors, so many in fact, that we stopped collating them due to the effort involved a few years ago.  We have recently reviewed the horror stories to  condense them down to (Read Full Article)

Spreadsheet Fraud: Prevent it on your watch by learning from the Société Générale incident

Explore Article (Nov 17 2009)

When I read about the €7 billion loss at Société Générale (SG) I thought, "This can't be happening AGAIN!" But, apparently, it can and it has. One of the many speculations about what triggered the SG debacle is (Read Full Article)

Société Générale bolsters internal controls

Explore Article Information Security (Nov 17 2009)

French banking giant Societe Generale issued a report Friday into how a rogue trader carried out more than $7 billion in fraud and ways the bank is bolstering security and internal control procedures to prevent future (Read Full Article)

Recent Articles for CIMCON Software

CIMCON Software Voted # 1 for ‘Sarbanes-Oxley Products’ in Operational Risk & Regulation Magazine’s 2012 Annual Compliance Survey

Explore Article (Mar 02 2013)

CIMCON has also been voted as the #1 vendor for "Spreadsheet Compliance Products" for two years in a row in 2010 and 2011. For more information on the company's spreadsheet management solution, please visit (Read Full Article)

CIMCON Software Announces Record Revenues and Profits in 2012

Explore Article (Mar 02 2013)

CCIMCON Software announced that it finished 2012 with the best financial performance in the company’s history with record revenues and profits. CIMCON Software was voted # 1 by customers in the category of 'Sarbanes-Oxley' (Read Full Article)

CIMCON Software Receives “Strong Positive” Rating, the Highest Rating possible, in Spreadsheet Control Products 2008 MarketScope Report from Leading Analyst Firm

Explore Article (Apr 08 2008)

CIMCON Software today announced that it has received the highest possible rating of “Strong Positive” in Gartner’s “MarketScope for Spreadsheet Control Products” authored by Jay Heiser and David Furlonger.  CIMCON (Read Full Article)

Best Practices

Best Practices from European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group

Explore Article (Apr 12 2010)

Guidance on spreadsheet best practice is therefore gradually emerging, as it depends upon what you are doing. Here are some documents to get you started on the subject of best (Read Full Article)

Five Common Spreadsheet Risks and Ways to Control Them

Explore Article The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) (Apr 11 2010)

Most internal auditors have used spreadsheet software for common tasks, such as calculating complex revenue adjustments and preparing financial reports. And, while spreadsheets can be excellent (Read Full Article)

Spreadsheet "Worst Practices"

Explore Article (May 14 2008)

Imagine someone in your finance department receiving a basic request to revise quarterly revenue forecasts for two products your company markets. A new spreadsheet is opened. Expected prices and volumes are typed into the first (Read Full Article)

White Papers

CIMCON - The Problem with Spreadsheets

Explore Article Sarbanes (Dec 16 2009)

White Paper from CIMCON Software on the problems with spreadsheets.  Includes several interesting case studies relating to spreadsheet (Read Full Article)

Analyst Research

Spreadsheet Controls Need a Boost, 2009 Gartner Update

Explore Article (Mar 03 2010)

Spreadsheets contain huge amounts of sensitive data; however, they lack risk controls inherent in IT-managed applications. Add-on control products reduce risk and improve user efficiency without affecting (Read Full Article)

Ouch! Get Ready — Spreadsheets Are Here To Stay For Business Intelligence

Explore Article Forrester Research (Apr 02 2007)

Spreadsheets — the most widely used business intelligence (BI) tool — are a permanent fixture in enterprises because no other analytical application outperforms them in flexibility, ease of use, and ubiquity. Spreadsheets' (Read Full Article)

Controls To Mitigate Spreadsheet Risk

Explore Article Forrester Research (Dec 22 2008)

Financial business processes run on spreadsheets. The widespread usage of spreadsheets should cause concern for all enterprises. The ability to discover, assess, and control spreadsheets, however, greatly mitigates their risk (Read Full Article)

Excel Tools and Tips

2 Quick Ways to Sum Excel Data

Explore Article TechRepublicBlogs (Nov 17 2009)

There are a number of ways to insert a SUM() function into an Excel spreadsheet. The hard way is to enter the entire function manually. That method is prone to mistakes because you must know the cell references and then enter (Read Full Article)

Now Playing on YouTube: Microsoft Excel

Explore Article (Jan 17 2010)

The subjects of these free videos range from making a Gantt chart to reviving a romance by using a (Read Full Article)

Canada Revenue Agency admits it disclosed confidential tax info to CBC, blames human error

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Written by Administrator Feb 17 2015

The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed that it  accidentally disclosed confidential taxpayer information to the CBC.

The agency said the document was ”accidentally released” through human error and acknowledges this ”constitutes a serious breach of privacy.”